New Year 2015

My last year might have been one of the best yet worst years yet. It has been such a long year that I felt like it would never come to an end, so you must know how glad I was when I could finally write “December” in the right corner of my notebook. 2014 is considered a year of many misfortunes and I can’t argue or deny that claim; honestly, how can I when I feel the exact same.

Well, maybe not the exact same. Personally, 2014 was a year of extreme, it was a year in which the good couldn’t get better and the bad couldn’t get worse. Since all the end-of-the-year reviews tend to be written at the end of the year or a beginning of new one, I’m prone to review the last month and  all the impressions it left on me instead of just reviewing the whole year. As you might have guessed, I love December, December of 2014 more than any other year’s because my 2014 December just couldn’t get better. That one last month didn’t feel like the end, it felt more like a beginning, beginning of something new.

It’s so hard to keep  all the resolutions you made in 5 minutes for 365 days of the year if nothing has changed but that one digit you write in the right corner of your notebook. Let’s just be frank, new year doesn’t mean a new life. At least it never did for me, that might be the reason why I never kept even a half of an infinite list of resolutions a scrab on a blank A4 paper every 1st of January.

Hence, this year I decided to make particular goals that are actually possible to achieve, a kind with numbers, a kind that you can actually measure. I stopped saying that this year I’ll be a keener student, I set out a target of studying for 5-10 hours/week, a particular goal of losing 5kg and travel financially independent of my parents.

So now I’m gonna cross my fingers and hope for the best. Happy New Year y’all


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