Weekly writing challenge: Digging for roots – ME

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly writing challenge: “Digging for Roots.”


One thing I have always believed made me ME was the fact that I was born in one country and now live in the other, or what other people may call divergent in cultures. It has greatly affected me in both my thinking and behaviour. I don’t believe and do what other Asians do but I always try my best to do it the “European way”, not the standard way. It doesn’t necessarily needed to be the best solution, but it was mine.

I grew up with this strong believe that this was the only reason I was special, until I met many people who were the same in that aspect but better. They weren’t just born there, they lived there for much longer than I did and they were grown up, they had the citizenship etc. So I suppose that lead to a conclusion that I wasn’t special?

No, I may not be extraordinary but I still have something that makes  me, well, me. One thing I like the most is to be different. Well, not the bad way but the good way – the way that it’s unique. I don’t need to be unique in everything, just the little everyday things like the color of my shoes, the skirt I’m wearing or the color of my hair. However, the one unique thing I have here is my voice. It’s the one thing that makes everyone remember me, it’s the one thing that’s mine.And you bet I’m not letting go of that, you bet that no matter how funny my voice sounds to others I’m still proud of it, more than anything.


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